Ljiljana Blaževska
15 Orient at Palazzo Carrozzini

July 15th - August 8th

15 Orient is delighted to present an off-site summer exhibition of works from the estate of the late Serbian-Macedonian painter Ljiljana Blaževska (1944 - 2020) at Palazzo Carrozzini in Lecce, Italy. Installed throughout seven rooms of the historic palazzo and featuring a selection of paintings, works on panel, and works on paper, the show represents the most extensive presentation of Blaževska’s work to date. The show follows upon Blazevska’s eponymous 2021 exhibition at 15 Orient; the first presentation of the artist's work in the US and one of few outside of the countries of former Yugoslavia.

Ljiljana Blaževska was born in 1944 in Skopje, Macedonia. At the age of 11, Blaževska moved with her family to Belgrade, Serbia, the capital of what was then the federation of Yugoslavia, where the surrounding cultural atmosphere was more central European in influence.

In 1969, Blaževska completed her postgraduate work in the painting department at the Fine Arts Academy in Belgrade, where she studied in the class of the famed Yugoslav painter Ljubica "Cuca" Sokić. By the early 70’s, she had already discovered the formal and thematic lineaments of her unique painterly world.

Over the course of her career, Blaževska’s work was featured in upwards of 20 solo exhibitions and countless group presentations throughout Yugoslavia. She was a long-time member of ULUS (the Serbian Fine Arts Guild) and the recipient of numerous awards for artistic achievement. Blaževska took part in numerous residency programs throughout Europe and in 2008, participated in the Cité International Artist Residency in Paris. In 2021, Blaževska’s work was the subject of a solo-exhibition at 15 Orient (New York) and in 2022, a solo-booth at Frieze Masters with Alison Jacques Gallery (London).