Justin Caguiat
God is a Concept from a Story Come to Life
15 Orient

October 27 - November 28 (by appointment)
Opening Reception: Saturday October 27, 7 - 10pm

The love is boiling in the Fertile Void; it is souring and fermenting there. The Void must yield up an homunculus. (All this is occurring in the dark, on the yonder side of impasse.) Void! Yield up the homunculus!

The surface of the river was everywhere giving itself to the air. Most of the bright splashes fell back into the river in drops, but the tiniest sparkles passed into the atomies of the air. A dead fish on the rock: the stinking gases were powerfully agitating the little air; and the wings of small fleas (the first of the year) were wildly fanning these gases.

These were the vortices of the gases...they became conscious that they themselves were breathing in and out and were shaking the density with speech...all these were flexible tubes. They were tubes sucking in not only the atmosphere of the environment but nourishment of all kinds and furnishing a through-passage for it. For except in matters of perception it was especially in these interior passages that these tubes came into contact with the environment which was supporting their vitality and growth. The dense atmosphere caressed the tubes around, and also penetrated them through and through; but not, in the interiors, according to the "freedom of the winds," but the atmosphere was accepted and released according to the tubular rhythms of each kind, so that among the rocks and sitting on the rocks the tubes were bringing far-off environment, as well as being immersed in and out in river vapors.

This then is the theory of the relation of the impasse and the Fertile Void: diminishing error but remaining close in the awareness of the impasse of nothing practical, large increments of Love are released that are fermenting in the Fertile Void.

-Paul Goodman, The Empire City