Justine Neuberger

"Blue Paintings"

June 11 - July 18, 2022

15 Orient is delighted to announce the opening of “Blue Paintings”, Justine Neuberger’s second solo exhibition with the gallery.

[In one painting] I imagined God as a custodian who works in a school doing maintenance. He wears a soft blue collared shirt, his hairline is receding and he has the most comfortable and beautiful shoes. In the first panel he unscrews the mirror, which is made out of bendable reflective paper. His reflection is altered in the mirror as it bends. In the second panel he turns the mirror so that the reflective part is not visible to viewers in order to wash it. His outline is the same but it’s not filled in - kind of like a coloring book.

[In another,] a character dressed up as an angel looking at origami moths made out of paper.

[In a third] Tuning Systems: yoga, spies, spiders, wind maps, lip ring, breathing, farting...

[Elsewhere] A woman pulls papers out of an inflatable pool; a shallow, temporary, poppable, wishing well.

“Well” when you speak as an opening command to offer information; as in, “Well, ______(?)”

[I imagined] a weathervane, like the one Edward Gorey designed; a skeleton weathervane for his home. Weathervanes seem like an old-timey, folk art American tradition. They’re placed at the highest point on the roof of a building and they measure which way the wind is blowing. They’re also mostly ornamental. The cropping of the weathervane suggests death in all directions, but the young acrobats, jumping on and in between the structure, throw hearts, yoyos and eggs... they glow in yellow, a traditionally happy color.

Justine Neuberger (b. 1993) lives and works in New York, NY. Recent solo exhibitions include: “Firmament of Time”, 2021, at Clima (Milan), and “The Green World”, 2019, at 15 Orient (New York). Neuberger’s work has been featured in numerous recent group exhibitions including: “Free Fall”, 2021, at Shoot the Lobster (Los Angeles), “Night Shift”, 2020, at 17 Essex Gallery (New York), and “Monster”, 2020, at Svetlana (New York).